Reiki is a safe and easy method to assist in healing. Not only on the physical level but also on the emotional and mental level before any illness has surfaced in the physical body.
...can never cause harm to the client or the practitioner in harmony with all other kinds of treatment heals the whole person
...can be given to all things
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Emotional upset and mental stress will with time surface and manifest itself as physical imbalances, attitudes and destructive habits. For example emotional upset in the form of anxiety and fear manifest itself in the stomach while grief and sorrow manifest itself in the heart and lungs.
Reiki is a natural holistic method of therapy and the Reiki Practitioner merely channels this energy to the client. The practitioner and client does not connect their energy systems. It is therefore no risk that negative energies will be transferred between the client and the practitioner.
Reiki is not a faith healing. No faith in the effectiveness of Reiki treatment is required from either the client or the practitioner. The practitioner simply puts her or his hands on the client with the intention to heal.
When the physical body is charged with Reiki, the aura from the ethereal body surrounds the physical body like a protective layer, about 5 cm ( 2 ") thick. This ethereal aura protects us from negative vibrations and it radiates vital energy to our surroundings. However, negative thoughts and emotions as well as an unhealthy lifestyle leads to a weakening of this health aura. This aura can be documented on photographic paper with Kirlian photography.
Please note that nothing in these pages are intended to constitute medical advise.
Consult your physician for medical advice and treatment.
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