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Admin VSHMS - Karachi
Learn : Reiki, Pranic Healing, Third Eye Activation, Chi Kung, Astral Projection, Mind Power, Clinical Hypnosis, Kwantum Touch, Colour Therapy...........Proud to be the only advance healing center that is truly healing hopeless chronic diseases. VIRTUAL SCHOOL OF HEALTH & MINDS SCIENCES Expert in training Reiki & Advance Healing Courses
Healing session are available for all kind of chronic physical & psychological problems including ICU hopeless cases, people having life threatening disease like Cancer, serious accident cases, Asthma, Diabetes, Respiratory problems, Anxiety, Depression, Migraine, Swine Flu, Aids........... Proud to be the only advance healing center that is truly healing hopeless chronic diseases. for registration and info visit our website :

Dr Ahmad Abasian - Karachi
D. A. Energy (REIKI) Healer
D. A. Energy (REIKI) Healer trianed By Afzal the studant of Dr A Samad Musafir. I am also SHE Healer and Usui master. I offer free Usui Reiki attunmeant and free healing at Zheel Sciences Institute. Please contact me.
Tel: 0092 21 544 4457, cel. 0092 0321 822 6228 -

Ms Afshan - Karachi
Reiki, Pranic Healing And Other Methods
I treat ladies only.

Dr.Syed Adeel Aftab - Karachi
Usui Reiki & Karuna™ Reiki offering free distance healing
Tel: 0334-9269681 - syedadeel.aftab

Naheed Ahmad - Karachi
Distant Reiki Practitioner
I am Reiki Healer (ART -Reiki Level IIIA) trained by Prof Moiz Hussain at TIMS Karachi. I have been providing distant healing mostly to people who have contacted me through friends and family since five years. If you need help you can contact through email address provided.

Syed Irfan Ahmed - Karachi
Reiki, NLP, Hypnosis, Pendulumn
I am the chief editor and CEO Monthly Kamybay Digest, which is first and only Mind Science and Self-Improvement magazine in Pakistan since 2005. I also conduct training mind science workshops for individuals and organization, including City District Government, Karachi.
Tel: +92-333-2129515 ~

Syed Nayazuddin Ahmed
Distance Reiki Practitioner
Tel: 0300 247 8442 - syednayaz

Waseem Ahmed - Sindh
Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Pranic Healing
Tel: 0092 333 380 5762 - kk_anwar

Raza Shahzad Alam - Lahore
Distant Healing Through Reiki
Reiki Healer (Level 1 & Level 2). Any one can contact through email.

Dr.Tabinda Shahzad Alam - Lahore
Distant Reiki Healer, Master level 3A

Daani Ali - Lahore
Mind Concentration And Reiki
fooling _orkeios

Telephone 92-21-34225755 ~

Muhammad Jawad Ansari - Lahore, Punjab
Reiki Healing
I am Master Reiki Healer Level III. Trained by Prof Moiz Hussain Reiki Master from LS Reiki Alliance, USA.
Tel: +923 214 393 638 - master_reiki_healer

Kamal Anwar - Karachi
Reiki, Pranic Healing, Accupressure, Herbal, Spirit Healing
Tel: +92 333 2261766 - kk_anwar

Mrs S. Anwar - Islamabad
Reiki Healer, Spiritual Healing And Many More Healing Methods
Trained by Prof Moiz Hussai from Institute of Mind Sciences, Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: +92 333 535 0741 - chsanwar

Prof. M. Arshad - Islamabad, Federal Capital City
Reiki, electrohomoeopathy, herbal medication drug energy transmission therapy
Herbal, homoeopathic and electropathic specialities suppliers.
Tel: +92-0321 502 3543 - wwclinic

Hk. Adil Ismail Azeemi - Karachi
Distant Reiki Healer
hkadilazeemi @

azhar mehmood azeemi - Karachi
Assalam_O_allaikum i m azhar mehmood azeemi & Usui reiki master & teacher , SAMDA healing energy master & teacher, Full Spectrum Healing Energy Master & Teacher, hypnothropy, dowsing
Tel: 030 8270 1088 -

Reiki Master, yoga teacher, Hypnotherapist and Medical Doctor, Deep meditator
Tel: 0346-303 6869, 0315 - 3036869- drarshad911

Nargis Azeemi - Karachi
I Am A Reiki Practitioner For Mor Than 10 Years. And I Am A Master Degree Holder Of NLP, Hypnosis And Silva Mind Control
Now i teach and research on meditation,healing,mind power,stress and spiritulism.

Tahir mehmood Azeemi - Karachi
Assalam-o-alaikum I am a USUI reiki master+teacher,KUNDALINI reiki master+teacher.SAMDA healing energy master+teacher,FULL SPECTRUM HEALING ENERGY master+teacher,Hypnotist,Dowser,. Any one who want to learn either male or female can contact me irrespective of caste or religion.I send free distant energy on request .I offer my services to all. any one belong to anywhere can contact me for treatment or for learning reiki.
Tel: 032 321 61391 -

Dr. Kalem Ahmed Baig - Lahore
Colour Therapy,Reiki Master,Magneto Therapist,Accpressure ,Massage therapist
I am running my own clinic since 23 years. Successful treatment in many incurable deases, COMA, DOWN SYNDROME, PARALYSIS
Tel: 92 42 370 39846, 0323 447 3772 - kaleem541

Sameer Shaida Durrani - Islamabad, Peshawar
Reiki Level 1, Hypnosis, NLP
Trained by Prof Moiz , founder of Institute of Mind Sciences, Karachi.
Tel: 92 300 592 3432 - sameerdurrani

Rashid Fayyaz - Rawalpindi & Punjab
All levels of Reiki treatment for any physical, spiritual and mental illness. Also giving Reiki treatment in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Pakistan, anywhere else...
1. All diseases, including disabilities, DNA faults, chronic problems likes diabetes, gator, sight etc. 2. Relation Reiki to improve relations between husband & wife, son & mother, brother & sisters, or with love one. 3. Allergy, tension, is treated to improve relaxation, freshness and increase energy in the body. 4.Skin and color improvement by removing marks, moles, pimples. 5. Spiritual Reiki healing helps to improve the higher beliefs and clear minds from doubts and uncertainty and disbelief.
Telephone: 03335453911 ~

Abdul Ghafoor - Gawadr
Reiki Grand Master Samda Healing Energy Master
Trained By Prof Dr A Samad Musafir; International Author. Ph.D. Alternative Medicine. Asias Best Yoga Master

Dr Muhammad Furqan Haider - Karachi
Treatments of Physical, mental and psychological diseases available - Attunement,teaching and training for new Reiki healers are also available
These courses are also available: Yoga, Body Language, Astrology, Karuna Reiki, Sujok Therapy, Mind Programming and Music (Singing and Instruments playing).
Tel: +923222646483 -

Mian Zaheer Ul Haq - Lahore
Kundalini Reiki Master
Tel: +92 346 435 0063 - zaheer313

Absar Ul Haque - Islamabad
Reiki Master And Spiritual Healer
I Offer free Kundalini and Taycon Reiki Attunement and Free reiki and Spiritual Healing on Request.
Tel: 0321 522 3305 - ahahmar

Haroon - Lahore
Reiki, Hypnosis
Tel: +923 000 844 4061 - lman

Hira - Karachi, Sindh
Reiki treatment
Also distance treatment.
Tel: 03312167900 - decent_dua86

Tel: 0333 4366167 042 35022455 ~ novid_aakbar@

Dr. Moiz Hussain - Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad
Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Rainbow Reiki, mata Reiki, Islamic Reiki, Chi, QiQong, Pranic Healing, Raj Yoga Meditation, Mind Power, Hypnosis, NLP, Silva Method EFT. Offer courses, therapy and counseling sessions. Training in 11 cities of Pakistan
Pioneer of Yoga, Reiki, Hypnosis, EFT, RV, NLP in Pakistan since 1986, Over 120,000 persons trained. Over 1800 workshops and seminars conducted. Faculty of NIPA (NIM) Pakistan. The Silva Method, USA, NPNLP USA, NGH USA. Over 1400 TV shows worldwide including CNN, BBC, FOX, CNBC, GEO, ARY, INDUS, etc
Telephone = 02135810072-74
Web Page =

Syad Danish Hussain - Karachi, Sindh
I am all reiki master and samda healing master plus HMF healing by my honorable teacher A. samad musafir, I have taken Silva method , NLP and Hypnosis advance courses from my lovely and favorite teacher Kamran Sultan
Many more mindsciences courses. Expert in all that. If you are interested in all this please contact me.
I have become very expert in these courses. I have got mindblowing healing energy by Allah's grace.
Tel: 034 3228 3375

Omar Iftikhar - Karachi
Provide Treatment For All Chronic Ailments, Both Physical And Mental
Holistic approach using acupressure, meridian therapy, Reiki and PNI.
Tel: 0302 226 0766 - omer_khan25

Tel: 92 42 572 0730 -

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal - Gujranwala
Reiki All Levels, EFT, OMW, Hypnosis, Homeopathy
Tel: +923338123704 - drmughal63

Wajahat Iqbal - Rawalpindi
I offer FREE treatment session and lectures based on Usui Reiki.. However Reiki Attuenments are nominally charged..
Usui Reiki Master, Fourth Dimension levels 1 and 2, NLP Basic Practitioner, Silva UltraMind, Hypnosis.
Tel: +92 313 519 3093 - wajji71

Atif Irfan - Lahore Cantt
Reiki attunement and healing sessions offered... Distance healing! MUSIC REIKI healing sessions as well as courses and reiki through stones also offered
I am a reiki master and helped many suferes in different conditioms i have the ability to fore see through reiki and i am a very effectove practioner i teach and heal through MUSIK REIKI which is very rare in Pakistan.
Telephone +923213115245 ~

-Rapport establishment expertise
-EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
-Autism recovery tools
-Teachers'Training programs development
-Students' development programs
-Students' spellings problem resolutions
-Self awareness
-Self motivational tools
-Relationship management tools
-Anchor chaining and bridging techniques
-Emotional bridging through rapport
-VAK tests to access the favorable teaching methods
-Organizational conflict identification
-Conflict management approaches
-Personal evaluation tools
-Grievances handling
-Abuse and trauma recovery
-Sensory perceptual strategies
-Eliminating fear and phobias

-Usui's Reiki
-Chronic ailment cure
-Distant / near healing
-Chakras balancing and activation
-Aura attunement
-Misbelieves healing
-Emotional distress management
-Deep relaxation
-Intuitive sense of hand placement
-Negative thoughts elimination

4D Dimensions
-Deep state of meditation
-Pyramid technique
-Healing techniques
-Time travel and alternate realities
-Self communication
-Bridge techniques
-Aura sensoring
-Mental communication / Telekinesis
-Releasing the beliefs that bind

-Silva mind control method expertise
-Deep state of meditation
-Emotional reframing
-Stress management
-Hyperesthesia diagnosis and cure
-Belief systems reprogramming
-Anger management
-Sensory modalities and sub modalities
email = imzleon @

Dr. Qamar Altaf Jafary - Multan, Punjab
All Levels of Reiki
Various kinds of Energy Healing.
Tel: +92 333 610 5850 -

Mansoor Jamal - Lahore, Punjab
Healing 4 All Kind Of Physical And Psy Diseases
I am Reiki healer n also samda healer, also I use variety of techniques in healing like tapping, imagery, hypnosis etc . I have done masters in psy n currently I am student of final year of medicine , come with confidence n hope 4 treatment or learn any healing technique....................regards.
Tel: 042 751 2228, mob. 030 4421 0764

A. Alahi Janjoa - Karachi
Reiki, Samda Healing Energy
I am a master of all kind of Reiki and 4 levels master of world`s most powerful HEALING ENERGY SAMDA. Trained by Dr. A. Samad Musafir Ph.D.
Tel: 0092 300 824 1378 -

Usman Javed - Lahore
reiki healing, stress reduction, total relaxation, balancing, and distant healing
Tel: 03224691945 - usman_javed_1

Kalpoint - Karachi
REIKI is a natural way of healing. Interview of Cheif Trainer World Zheel Sciences Prof Dr Samad Musafir at Kalpoint.Com, Karachi
Kalpoin: Please tell us when and how did you start working in this field?
Dr Samad Musafir: Actually, I always felt unseen power ever since I was a child. People used to get healed through my hand. I also used to feel a number of shocks in my childhood. There is an energy field inside and outside every human body. So, I asked a question that why this happens to me and not to anyone else. Then I went to Russia and China to conduct a research on it. After which I found that these powers are present in every human being. I studied further, and wrote a number of books. I then went to USA to do PhD in these sciences. Then I conducted a number of conferences, workshop to create awareness among people. People can read and download books from our website. I have been working in this area for the last 12 years now.
I started off from Russia and after conducting research I started working in Pakistan and other countries. We came to Pakistan about 13 years back. Initially, we used to hold free healing camps throughout Pakistan. Then I started giving training to a mature class of people like bureaucrats, politicians, scientists etc. and as a result this knowledge expanded vigorously.
KPDC: What process do you follow to provide healing to the people?
DASM: When a person comes to us, we start programming in their mind. We activate energy in their mind and body. When this power is activated it increases the frequency of the mind. There are 2 types of mind frequencies; negative and positive. We lower the negative frequency and increase the positive frequency. As a result the person starts thinking positively; he or she becomes confident. Actually, every person wants to achieve something in his or her life, for example; better relationships, business development etc. We tell people that nothing is impossible. We are human beings and the most powerful creature of Allah. Science says that we only use 4 to 5 percent of our energy. Zheel sciences tell us how we can make maximum use of our powers. Anyone can understand this process and can maximize their power. We share this knowledge of power with our students and others. We tell them how to improve your powers and have a better, healthier and more peaceful life. We make people feel this power in such a short time that people amaze at how they get changed in a few hours. In a short time,
KPDC: Thank you so much for being here and enlightening us with your thoughts. C U on Net.
DASM: I also enjoyed being here. C U On Net 2.
Daly Watch Dr Samad Musafir On TV Channels Like R World & Haqtv for more info please contact Dr Samad.
Tel: +92 0321 544 4457 -

Kashif - Karachi
I Offer Free Services For All Kinds Of Problems (Health, Financial, Business, Employment, Relational .... ) I Also Free Gives Trainings And Attuenments Of Samda, Reiki, HMF, 3D & 4D, Telepathy, NLP, Silva Etc.

Tel: 0344 260 5144 - samdahealing

Tel: 03122607225 and 03132751012 -

Dr Aliya Khan - Karachi
Reiki Healer, Homoeopath,Color Therapist And Yoga Instructor
Tel: 539 0160, 543 6637, 0334 396 9439 -

M. Arif Khan - Karachi
I Am Healer Of Samda Healing Energy And Master Of Reiki. I Offer Treatments For Psychological Disorders And All Kinds Of Physical Pains
Tel: 0333 225 5430 - ca-khan

Farah Waseem Khan
I Am A Reiki Master & Teacher, Silva Mind Cntroll Programme Trainer, Hypnotherapist
Tel: +923 33516 9688 - mindpower.pakistan

Kamran Khan - LAHORE, PUNJAB
Kamran Khan Offer\'s A Complete Rang Of Products & Services For Professional Only
Which Includes: Hypnosis Training, Reiki Enhancer, Healing Power, Protection From Black Magic, Re-growth Of Hair, Psychic Power & Many More.
A ‘psychological Mentalist’, Kamran Khan is a performer who combines magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship, as well as performing mind-bending feats of mentalism.
For the past ten years Kamran has worked with many artist around the world. His performances that have stunned audiences.
Kamran Khan has consistently stunned audiences across the nation with his Mentalism.
While his performances create the illusion that he has some kind of paranormal powers. A diverse range of topics are covered, encompassing Science, Technology, Art, Magic, Religion and some good old-fashioned silliness.
Tel: 0092 336 0033 -

Dr Mehfooz Khan - Karachi
Treatment of Physical, Mental and Psychology diseases by REIKI, HOMEOPATHY and SUJOK. Attunement, Training and Teaching for new Reiki Healers
FREE DISTANCE HEALING is also available.
Tel: +92 364 5702727 
Telephone = +92-333-2291645
email = drmehfoozkhan @

Choudhary Munawer Hassan Khan - Karachi
Usui Reiki Master, Karuna™ Reiki , NLP , Advance 4-D And Hypnothrapy
I am available for treatment around the clock to help the people. spirtual healing has no harm and these things are \"ALLAH\" gifted and \"ALLAH\" give SHIFA to all having some problum. I am also available in U.A.E.
Tel: 92-321-2011131 / 92-347-2349497 / 971-55-2271131 - munawerrajput

Mohammad Akram Khan - Lahore, Punjab
I offer training in All Levels Of Usui Reiki
I am also a practicing homeopath offering treatment for acute and chronic diseases. I can be reached through my website or by calling my cell phone.
Telephone = #92 333 4681993
Web Page =

Muhammad Sameen Khan - Hyderabad
may (depending on my free time) give distant as well as hands on reiki treatment
I i learned Usui Reiki Level IIIA and also Karuna Reiki from Prof.Moiz Hussain.
Tel: 03313515434 - sameenkhan_2003

Cupid Lucid - Islamabad
i have treated more than 10,000 patients through Reiki, NLP
Master Trainer in Reiki and NLP for the Last 10 years.
Telephone: 03334120770 ~ cupidlucid @

Kamal Anwar Malangi - Sindh
Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Pranic Healing And More Healing Methods
Tel: 00923 332 261 766 - kk_anwar

Dr Shafiq Malangi - Karachi
Spiritual Healing, Color Healing, Reiki Healing, Pranic Healing, Cromopathy, Acupressure, Acupuncture
Plot # CB-11, Shop No. 2, Khan Market, Main Bus Stop, Murghi Khana, Gulshan Society, Near Qaidabad, Karachi.
Tel: +92 333 360 0677 - kk_anwar

Ayesha Aslam Malik - Lahore
All the reiki levels, Reiki attunements including master Level and treatment for the patients
Contact by Email and get the appointment.
Reiki Master: Independent Reiki Master . Attunements & Session for Various Ailments. Physical imotional Diseases & Traumas.
Turbo Reiki: Different Techniques to get instant & better Results.
Tomo Reiki: Who create his/her own master symbol for treatment and giving life force energy to patient.
Creation: \"Pyramid\" The most powerful symbol of the earth.
Mind Sciences: Graduate From T.I.M.S by Professor Moiz Hassan PHD. . The forth Damnation. . Remote sensing & Remote Viewing. . Tele Pathy and Mental Communication Method. . Pshchic Healing & Surgery. . Goal Setting & Goal Achievement. . Reprogramming of The Aura (HEF). . Deep relaxation stress management. . Techniques To Improve Concentration and Memory. . Enhancement of self confidence and motivation. . Exclusive Training in Positive Attitude and productive behaviours.
The Silva Method: The world renouned . Self Empowerment Technique . Crowned with Gold Pin and Certificates . Silva International INC. Laredo Taxes U.S.A.
Effective Healing Techniques ( EHT) reg. EHT Practitioner. From Creative Detentions.
Tel: +92 308 488 570 -!/Aaysha.Aslam

REIKI All Levels, YOGA, Psychological Counceling For Emotional & Mental Disorders, Hearbal Treatment
Address: MIND & BODY Clinic, justice Sir Abdul Rasheed Aveneue, G-6/1-1, near Aabpara, ISLAMABAD
Tel: 0332 539 3403, 0308 553 3900 - dimentions_healings

Tahir Wadood Malik - Islamabad / Rawalpindi
Services offered for clients of all sexes, age groups, background and religions.
* Reiki hands on healing
* Reiki Distance healing
* Faith healing
* Stress and trauma Counseling
* Relaxation sessions
* Family counseling
* Guided Meditation
* Work with people undergoing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to any reason
* Home therapy sessions available
Additional Information = Have Stress, Trauma and Student counselor/adviser experience.
A Management and Human Resource professional, with many years of hands on experience in these fields.
* Confidentiality assured
* Self awareness talks (institutions please contact)
* Youth awareness talks on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Extremism (institutions please contact)
email = agencyinc @

Syeda Mehar - Karachi & Cunit (Spain)
Reiki Master & Teacher, Reiki Haling Level 1, 2 & 3 Attunements, & Distance Healing Only With Appointment
Reiki treatment for mind, body and spirit Reiki, Indian head and facial massage with relaxing aromatherapy oils. Reiki Charged products heal on all levels, Specifically to heal your mind. Reiki will help you to develop your abilities physically, mentally, emotionally & Spiritually.
Tel: 0333 3185945, London + 0779 675 8105, Spain +34 670972737 -

Tahir Mehmood - Karachi
Usui reiki master ,Full Spectrum Healing Energy Master, SAMDA healing energy master, hypnothropy, dowsing
Tel: 032 3216 1391 - tahir.mehmood41

Mehwish - Karachi
I am a REIKI MASTER and give attuments of usui reiki for all levels
Telephone = 0321-2423773

Col (R) Javed Mirza - Lahore, Punjab
Treatments are given for Back Ache, Muscular Pains, Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Successful Marriage Life, Infertility, Sugar, All psychological & Physical diseases. Atunements offered for soul and spiritual healing, Reiki including distant Healing , Rainbow Reiki Technique, Chakra Activation & balancing, Color Therapy, NLP
Javed Mirza is author of six books on Health and Mind Power, Reiki Grand Master, Javedaan Master, Hypnotist, Reflexologist, Acupressure Expert, Herbal Consultant & Plamist. or contact: Telephone = 03004134440

Shaikh Moinuddin - Karachi
Certified Usui Reiki Master And Teacher
Feel free to contact me at any time.
Tel: +92 300 827 2654 - moinsh

Dr A Samad Musafie Ph.D Alternative Medicine USA - Karachi, Lahore
A Complete Natural Therapies Center
Ph. D. & Grand Master Reiki and all kind of Healings, writer, researcher and chief trainer for world Zheel Sciences. Offers free Reiki master, grand master levels.
Tel: +92 21 544 4457, cel. 0321 594 4446 -

Hafi Mustafa - Karachi
Usui Reiki
email = reikihealers @

Nina Naeem - Lahore
Treat any kind of emotional problems, (relationship with in laws, husband wife, siblings) Fears & Phobias(jobs interview, boss, examination, death, height, aeroplane, lift etc) I can help you in stress managment and weight managment You can enhance your perfomance in your field effortlessly, students can increase there grades in study
Reiki Master,Eht practitioner,CERTIFIED Hypnotherapist,NLP Practitioner and clinical psychologist.
Tel: 03224975213 - neena_111

Ammar Naqvi - Karachi
Distance Reiki (Level 1 & 2)
Feel free to contact on my Email I.D.
Telephone = 003462652096 ~ naqvi_ammar @

Nooria - Lahore
Reiki All Levels To Masters, Seichim Masters, Lavender Flame Of Quan Yin Attunement

Jahan Qadri - Karachi
Reiki Master Teacher unlocking the secrets of Mysticism. Learn to remove Anger, Stress, and Depressions. By Breath Techniques, Concentration Techniques & Visualization Exercises Aura Cleanings, How to see your Aura, Istikhaara, Protection Methods, Reiki Healing, Ism-e-Azam, Chakra Balancing and more. Only on ROOHAANI.COM

Dr. Dilshad Shamsherkhan Qureshi - Karachi
Reiki healer Level 1,2,3, and 4th dimension level 1and 2
I am practising as distant reiki healer.
Tel: 021 3633 9106, 033 3227 5232 - ds_qureshi

Shamsherkhan Qureshi - Karachi
Reiki Level 1, 2 & 3, 4th Dimension From TIMS
Offers Reiki treatment and distance healing.
Tel: 0333 224 2242 - shamsherkhan_qureshi

Dr Faisal M. Rahman - Islamabad
All Levels Of Reiki Training And Treatment
Also a medical doctor and Hypnotherapist.
Tel: 923 005 107 812

Noor ur Rahman - Peshawar
Usui Reiki, Chi, Meditation, Mind Power, Hypnosis, NLP, Silva Method, EFT, Energy Medicines, Sujok, Hijama Practitioner and a Life Coach Offer Therapy, Courses and Counseling sessions
Healing session are available for all kind of chronic & psychological problems even hopeless cases, people having life threatening disease like Cancer, serious accident cases, Asthma, Diabetes,epilepsy, Respiratory problems, Anxiety, Depression, Backache, Dengue, Aids, Sciatica, HCV, Sugar .... Proud to be the only advance healer in the area having ozone therapeutic and Hijama technique as well. Patients who come for Hijama must follow note the following.
   All treatments are made in the morning, as the patient needs to come with an empty stomach for the treatment to be successful.
   Treatments can still be done on women who are menstruating.
   Treatments cannot be done on women who are pregnant.
   Treatment cannot be conducted if you are intoxicated.
   Treatment cannot be conducted if you turn up weak and very ill.
   You may feel light headed after treatment or queasy especially if you are sensitive to blood. Some patients who are very sensitive to blood are known to faint however I ensure that my patients are taken care of in this type of situation.
   Persons interested in Hijama need to abstain from sexual intercourse 48 hours before the treatment is scheduled.
   The day of the procedure you should avoid food and drink, especially dairy products. One cup of Non-acidic herbal tea is permitted before treatment.
Telephone = 0300-5682387

Shakeel Ramay - Rawalpindi, Islamabad
Reiki Healing And Training, Hypnotherapy, NLP
Home therapy sessions available.
Tel: 0092 346 552 2959 - msramay

Fahad Rasheed - Karachi
Reiki Grand Master, Samda Master & Healer, Trainer & Expert In Manifestation, 3D, 4D, Chromology, NLP & Hypnosis, Telepathy & Magnetism
I offer free Healing treatment & problem solving services (telepathy). I also gives free attunements of Reiki.
Tel: 0344 260 5144 - rasheed_fahad

Ahmad Rasool - Chaman
Reiki Master, SAMDA HEALING Healer

Dr Sajad Razaq Ph.D. - Okara City
Reiki, NLP, Hypnosis, Telepathy, Mind Power, Meditations, Corporate Skills And Much More
Dr. Sajad Razaq is a authantic personal & corporate Trainer and consultant.
Tel: 92 321 7091205 - sajadch

Aziz Ur Rehman - Karachi Sindh
Reiki Practitioner
I am Reiki Healer, trained by Prof Moiz Hussain at TIMS Karachi. I have been providing Reiki healing and charge candles to solve Various types of problems, mostly to people who have contacted me through friends and family since 11 months. If you need help you can contact through my contact number. 03002122323.
Telephone = 03002122323
email = azizslic @

Taqi Rizvi - Karachi
Reiki Treatment And Training Offered
I am Usi Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Samda, HMF, Master.
Tel: 92 300 924 6221 -

Muhammad Rizwan - Islamabad
Reiki - Healing for All, Palmistry, Stress Management
Physical as well as emotional ailments be cured with confidence and confidentiality.
Tel: +92 300 500 0477 - reikihealing.counseling 

Dr. Arshad Roohvi - Karachi
Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Reiki Healing
Telephone = 0345-2195549
Web Page =

Saffia - Karachi
Reiki Master And Sujok Therapist
Tel: 539 0160, 543 6637, 0300 228 9596 -

Salma - Karachi
Reiki Master, I Have Healing Treatment And Teach Reiki, All Levels. Distance Healing Also Available

Mahar Samiullah - Multan
Reiki practitioner
Reiki level I & II.
Telephone: 03216341111- 03222722227 ~ maharsami @

Ghulam Sarwar Shabab - Haveli Lakha (Okara) Punjab
Reiki, Spiritual Healing Energy, Hypnosis, Aromatherapy, Colour Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Chi Power
International Institute of Paranormal Sciences Islam Nagar Haveli Lakha Okara Pakistan, Idara-e-Faizan-e-Roohaniya Pakistan Reg.

Admissions Open!!
Spiritual Healing Energy: A physician needs no medicines by means of spiritual healing. This method is the most effective, the quickest and the most successful of all the healing methods in the world. Distance healing can also be used in the 4th.. level of spiritual healing.
Aromatherapy: An ancient healing method which has been recognized all over the world as a modern scientific healing method. All the physical diseases are treated by aromatherapy.
Colour Therapy: Different diseases are treated with only colourful water by means of colour therapy. The colours emit such waves which not only solve different problems but also change the personality of the man entirely.
Hypnotism: Mental and psychological diseases can be cured successfully by means of hypnotism. Educational, business, matrimonial and personality relating problems may also be solved by hypnotism.
Reiki: You can cure different diseases without medicine by Reiki. Reiki healing method is famous and successful throughout the world.
Chi Power: Is an extraordinary power which enhances those spiritual capabilities which are not possible to achieve even after the austerity of years.
Courses of more mysterious sciences are to be launched very soon. Send a self addressed envelope for detailed information or call now
Tel: 0333 697 4734, 0300 496 7412 -

Asadullah Shafi - Karachi, Sindh
Usui Reiki Master, Hands-On Healing, Distance Healing
Tel: 0333 330 4750 - marinerasad

Shahin Shah - Quetta
Reiki, Samda Healing
I'm Master of HMF, Reiki and Samda Healing By Dr Samad Agha He Is My Spiritul Teacher. Thank You My Teacher & Reiki4allnet.
Tel: +92 0333 814 444 - 14powers

Taqi Shah - Karachi
I Am Reiki Healer And Offers Reiki Treatments
Creative Interior Decorator.
Tel: 0092 300 924 6221 -

Tel: 03212836312 - shariq_lucky

Dr Shazia - Islamabad
clinical psychologist, speech pathologist, hypnosis specialist, Reiki specialist  and EFT specialist. also done 4D
Additional Information = Working in Fazal hospital
Telephone = 03335496789
email = psyslp @

Abdul Rasheed Siddiqui - Karachi
Telephone = 03213003236

Dr. M. Siddiqui - Karachi
Treatment for all type of dis-easi-ness. Psychological abnormalities, Physical discomfort , Mental disturbansis. Through the Master of Usui Reiki, Karuna, Golden Reiki, Athric Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Kundalni Reiki. Expert of Sujok, Instrecter of Yuga(Asthanga), Lecturer of Accupunctuer and Accupressur, Doctor Ship in Homoeopathic
Get Free Treatment through Distence Healing.
Telephone: +92-347-8071661 ~ greatdoceo @

Muhammad Shahab Siddiqui - Karachi, Sindh
4th Dimension, Distance Healing, Weight Reduction, All Sort Of Problems Solver Etc.
Tel: +923 343 309 530 - nicl_shahab

Liaqat Soomro - Karachi
Tel: 0346 200 2300 - liaqatsoomro

I am a Reiki MASTER in USUI and Teach reiki all levels....beside that i am a trainer for self development
I am one of the very few female Reiki practitioners in Pakistan
Telephone = +92 321 2180884
Web Page =

Tanvir Syed - Pattoki
Touch & Distant Reiki Master level 3C, Healing includes all types of chronic diseases. Karuna Reiki healer. NLP, Hypnosis.
Also teach and heal through color therapy and magneto therapy. Attunement,Teaching And Training For New Reiki Healers Are Also Available therapy,Tel:No. +923004293359. Email: reikiboss @ WEB SITE.
Telephone = +923004293359
Web Page =

M.A.Tariq - Karachi
Reiki, NLP, Hypnosis
I am all reiki practioner and healing by my honorable teacher A. Prof Moiz, I have taken Silva method , NLP and Hypnosis advance courses from my lovely and favorite teacher by Prof. Moiz Many more mindsciences courses. Expert in all that. If you are interested in all this please contact me. I have become very expert in these courses. I have got mindblowing healing energy by Allah\'s grace.
Tel: 0300 217 8532 - tariq_u

Muhammad Umer - Lahore, Punjab
Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Tacyon Reiki, Gold Reiki Etc.
I am Master of Usui Reiki, Kundalni Reiki etc. and also Samda Healer. Samda is a most powerful healing system. I got attunements of samda from Dr. A. Samad Musafir ( Grand master of Samda and all kinds of Reiki).
Tel: +923 214 546 021 - umarsweb

Muhammad Usman - Islamabad
REIKI “Universal Life Force Energy’’
Reiki on hands and distant reiki healing.
Some of the Reiki Healing benefits: ¤ Creates deep relaxation & aids the body to release stress & tension ¤ Heal pain & chronic problems ¤ Aids better sleep & breaking of addiction ¤ Accelerates the body’s self-healing & reduce the side effects of drugs ¤ Helps spiritual growth & remove energy blockages.
For session & information feel free to contact me.
Tel: +923 335 447 565 - cosmiclight4all

Uzma - Karachi
Reiki Training
Tel: 667 8706, 664 5972 - uzmaafzal70

Farah Waseemkha - Rawalpindi
Usui Reiki master, Silva mind control program trainer, Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner
Tel: +923 335 169 688 - mindpower.pakistan

Shaikh Waheeduddin - Karachi
Reiki Healing, Holistic Healing, Shee Ju Lin Energy Healer
I am Kundalini, Gold, Etheral Crystal Reiki Master, also Certified Hypno Therapist and 4-D graduate, Shee Ju Lin energy can remove pain, stress, tension and emotional problems within few seconds.
Tel: 0334 336 7766 - waheedsh

Farah Waseem - Jinnah Super F-7,Islamabad
Reiki Master Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Colour Therapist, Silva mind control program trainer
Telephone: 0092333-5169688 ~ mindpower.pakistan@

Muhammad Nadeem Yusufi - Morr Khunda Distt.Nankana Sahib Punjab
Reiki & Samda Master member
Free distant healing offer for every one in the world
Telephone = 00923334832915
Web Page =

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