Cleansing and Recharging Crystals

It is recommended to cleanse new crystals even if they are not going to be used in healing practices and crystals used in healing should be cleansed after each treatment. A simple method to clean the crystals is to utilize the healing forces of water and the sun.
Let cool water pour over the crystals and then let them dry in the sun for 30 minutes. Afterwards polish them with a clean cotton cloth. For new stones and crystals it is recommended to submerge them in salt for at least three hours in one cup of sea salt to two cups of water, then rinse them and let them dry in the sun. Recharge the crystal with Reiki by holding it in your hand and let Reiki flow into the crystal.

If you are Reiki II or higher you can use the Reiki symbols to assist you in the cleansing and recharging process. Crystals that have been misused or depleted can be placed in a crystal or glass bowl and completely covered with sea salt. Leave them for three days, then rinse them in cool water and let them dry in the sun.

Crystals can also be used to purify and recharge other crystals, healing stones and jewelry. Use a Clear Quartz Cluster and four Single Terminated Quarts Crystals. Place the single crystals around the cluster in north, east, south and west with the termination points towards the cluster. Place the crystals or stones that need to be purified and recharged on the cluster. The cluster itself rarely need cleansing due to the intense reflection of light from the multi-terminated points.

Reiki Symbols
Clear quartz is the most common crystal

It can be used for all purposes because it vibrates a clear white light that contains all the other colors.
The power and potential of crystals cannot be overstated. They can and will be used in many forms and purposes and in whatever way you choose to use them, use them consciously and ethically.

Generator CrystalsGenerator Crystals are single quartz crystals

They can be used in healing to intensify the energy that the healer channels to himself or a client. They can be used to direct the energy flow by pointing the termination in the desired direction. Generator Crystals can vary in size from a few millimeters up to a meter. They are very powerful tools and large Generator Crystals should be used with caution.

Double Terminated Crystals are quartz where the six faces join together to form a point in both ends

These crystals can radiate as well as draw energy from both ends. They are used to dissolve negative energy, that is manifested in the physical body or the aura, by placing the crystal over the affected area. Double Terminated Crystals can also be used to relax an unbalanced emotional or mental condition by holding a crystal in each hand.

Tabular Crystals are flat crystals, two of the opposing six sides are much wider

They are used to balance the energies between any two elements, for example two chakras.

Crystal ClustersCrystal Clusters are formations of single terminated crystals

They can be placed in an area to create a stronger healing vibration or to purify an area of negative vibrations. They can be used to purify and recharge other crystals, healing stones or jewelry by simply placing them on the cluster for at least three hours. See Cleansing and recharging crystals below.

Programmed Projector Crystals can be different types of quartz

They can be Large Single Generators or clusters with a flat and preferable clear base with the terminations pointing in the same direction. To program these crystals to send healing energy, hold the termination point towards the Brow Chakra (third eye) and concentrate on sending healing energy to a person.
To increase the effect a picture of that person can be placed under the crystal.

Antahkarana Reiki GridUse your favorite stones and crystals to create a Antahkarana Reiki Grid

Keep a Reiki grid continuously running to direct Life Force Energy towards persons and situations. If you want to send Life Force Energy to a person, place a photo or a paper with the persons name under the central crystal/stone in the grid.
The six crystals/stones are pointing towards the center crystal/stone.

Antahkarana Reiki Grid



The arrows in the picture indicate the direction to move the master crystal when charging the grid.

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