- Iyengar Yoga
- is initially learnt through the in-depth study of asanas, postures, and pranayama, breath control.
Mr. Iyengar has systematized over 200 classical yoga Asanas and 14 different types of Pranayamas, with variations of many of them, from simple to extremely difficult. The asanas have been structured and categorized to allow the beginner to progress in a safe manner from basic postures to the most advanced as they gain flexibility, strength and sensitivity in mind, body and spirit.

Yoga personality - For both beginners and experienced yogis looking to cultivate the art of meditation.
What yoga personality are you?
Yoga has developed into many different types and it
may be difficult to know what type suites your personality.
- Tantric Yoga
- this technique uses exercises, visualizations and meditation to open up the flow of energy through the kundalini.

Yoga personality - People who want to boost their energy levels and spiritual awareness.
- Hatha Yoga
- Ha meaning sun and Tha meaning moon. Good for people starting with yoga for the first time. It emphasizes correct technique and correct breathing. It strives to achieve union between body and mind.

Yoga personality - For people who are stressed and want to get back into control improving their self-awareness and ability to focus.
- Scaravelli Yoga
- follows the methods of Vanda Scaravelli and uses breathing and gravity to open up the kundalini. This is a gentle type of yoga.

Yoga personality - Sensitive and stressed people suffering from physical, hormonal or emotional imbalance.
- Ashtanga Yoga
- also called Power Yoga . This is a demanding yoga which follows a set of movements known as the primary series. It is fast moving and provides a good workout.

Yoga personality - For experienced and fit yogis looking for a good workout.
- Bikram Yoga
- consists of 26 hatha movements practiced in a room that is heated to at least body temperature , preferably 5 degrees above. It is an intense and cleansing workout and the high temperature encourages detoxification and minimizes the risk of injuries to muscles while stretching.

Yoga personality - For people who don't mind pain for gain.
- is a combination of Hatha yoga and Pilates. Flexibility and breathing from yoga are combined with strengthening of the core of the body from Pilates.

Yoga personality - For people with emotional tension in their muscles and for problems due to muscular imbalance.
- is a mix of yoga, aerobica, Tai Chi and boxing.

Yoga personality - For people looking for an all round strong and spiritual workout.
- Doctor Approved Ayurveda Formula
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