Reiki Self Treatment
Each position is normally held for one energy cycle.

Let the energy/heat build up and when it starts to diminish move to the next position. The back positions need in general less time for each energy cycle. The energy has already filtered through to the back when the front was treated.

If you experience pain or any other discomfort, threat this area direct and if necessary let several energy cycles pass. Let your intuition and Reiki Guides direct you.
14 - Grounding
Finally it is always recommended to complete the healing by this grounding position. Hands over the feet chakras.
2 - Covers ears and temples.
Hands placed over the ears.
This position help to heal ear infections and it also sends Reiki to the thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands.
3 - Covers the brain lobes.
Slide the hands up so they rest on your temples.
This position sends energy to the pituitary gland, the thalamus and the hypothalamus. It heals biochemical and hormonal imbalances as well as emotional and mental disorders.
4 - Covers the back of the head.
Rest base of palms against the curve of the back of your head. This is a difficult position.
This position sends Reiki energy into the cerebrum and into the cerebellum. It is a good position to treat a compromised immune system and to help relieve headache pain.
5 - Covers the throat.
Place hands over the throat.
This position focuses on the thyroid gland. It helps opening the throat chakra and benefits communication and treatment of sore throat.
6 - Covers the lover chest.
Place hands just under the breasts/pectoral muscles.
This position sends Reiki to the lungs, the liver, the stomach, the spleen and the blood circulating through the abdominal aorta and other major arteries to these organs. It relieves stress and speeds up digestion.
7 - Covers the intestines and it benefits the gall bladder.
Place hands under the lower rib cage.
This position also relieves stress, specially if you have a nervous stomach or if you use to swallow your anger.
9 - Covers the pubic bone.
This position sends Reiki to the Sacral Chakra. When this chakra opens you will feel the flow of creative life energy through your body, mind and soul.
11 - Covers the middle back.
Place your hands over the middle back.
Reiki is directed to the kidneys, pancreas, gall bladder, liver and intestines.
12 - Cover the waistline.
Place hands over the waistline.
Here the energy is directed towards the large muscles over the lower back.
13 - Cover the lower back and sacrum.
Hands in a V over lower back and sacrum.
The Reiki energy is directed to the sciatic, sacral, glutei and pudenda nerves.
8 - Covers the small intestines.
Place hands over the belly with fingertips meeting just under the belly button.
This position sends Reiki to the Sacral Chakra. When this chakra opens you will feel the flow of creative life energy through your body, mind and soul.
10 - Covers the shoulder blades.
Place hands below the shoulder blades.
This position sends Reiki to the adrenal glands. It gives considerable stress relief by sending Reiki to these fight or flight hormone producers.
1 - Covers eyes, sinuses and the front of the cerebrum.
Place hands cupped over the eyes with the base of the palms level with the bottom of your nose.
This position provides comfort for blocked sinuses, allergies, tired eyes and helps relieve headache pain. It also covers the brow chakra.
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Reiki hand positions for self treatment
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