The Antahkarana

- the Psychic Bridge

The connecting bridge between the 6th and 7th chakras.
It is the link between your personality and your higher self.
As you develop these higher chakras,this psychic bridge is
strengthened, and your intuitive powers will increase.

The Antahkarana is a symbol that has its own consciousness and works with your aura and chakras. It is often referred to as a Tibetan symbol. It is used in an ancient Tibetan meditation method, where the Antahkarana is placed in an oval bowel filled with water where the bowl symbolize the cosmic egg.

Its healing effect depend on what you need at the time of use. Since it is directed by the Higher Self, it always has a beneficial effect and can never be misused or used to cause harm.
The symbol can be placed under your Reiki table. You can also place the symbol on the wall or it can be held against the body with the print facing the area that needs healing.

The Antahkarana can be used for laying out a Reiki Grid.
Other Healing Symbols

The Spiral

A natural form and an ancient mystical symbol. It represents the forces and patterns underlying creation, as well as evolution and self-transformation.

The Lemniscate

A symbol for infinity, eternity, the numinous and the higher spiritual powers.


Represents the flow and interaction of the two polar energies whose totality encompasses creation. The spots in the symbol show that each energy at the height of its manifestation contains the seed of the other, into which it will transform.

The Pentagram

A powerful symbol of protection and balance.


Japanese for circle. When painted in a single brushstroke, it is a Zen symbol of the true nature of existence and enlightenment.

Prayer Wheel

Brings purification and accumulate merit. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said that having prayers, such as om mani padme hum on your computers hard-disk works the same way as a traditional prayer wheel.
The spinning disk sends the peaceful prayer of compassion to all directions and purifies the area.
Please note that nothing in these pages are intended to constitute medical advise.
Consult your physician for medical advice and treatment.
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