~ Shamanic healing does not replace conventional medicine ~

It is a spiritual healing that can eliminate bad energy from
the body and replace energy that has been lost.

The shaman is totally in control and compassion and intention are the corner stones of her/his work.
Compassion - for the person in need of healing or help.

Intention - the willingness to go into non-ordinary reality on that persons behalf to seek help.

The importance of intention is often stressed in non-traditional Reiki training and this takes the non-traditional Reiki practitioner a step away from the pure channel or mystic who opens himself to non-ordinary reality and becomes a passive vessel for the energy or spirit passing through or possessing their body.
The shaman divides the universe into three cosmic zones which are connected via a central axis known as The World Pillar or Axis Mundi.

-The Upper-World - sky realms
This is the place of divine inspiration and cosmic wisdom, here the shamans awareness can transcend time and space.

-The Middle-World - earth realms
This is the world we live in, but there is also a non-ordinary aspect to this world. It is when journeying in this non-ordinary reality the shaman might come across troubled spirits and in order to protect himself and help this suffering and confused spirits he must be filled with power from his power animal.

-The Lower-World - lower realms
This is the home of power animals, healing and creative powers, here we transform what appear to be our enemies into allies and here we descend into the deepest regions of our psyche.

The number 13 has a special meaning for the Shaman.
It is the heartbeat of the world with the 13 full moons and tide changes within a year.
Shamans Universe
Please note that nothing in these pages are intended to constitute medical advise.
Consult your physician for medical advice and treatment.
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